Mantiz EGPU 2代 外接显卡扩展坞体验 科技小辛


Mantiz has been around since 2009. We started off as a side project integrating leading technology in small quantity for big corporation. We have now expanded our operation and would take the opportunity to share it with YOU. We target consumers and small businesses, creating products that allow YOU to experience the WOW-ness and be entertained at the same time.

曼蒂兹自2009年以来一直以来一直以来。我们最初是一个附带项目,将领先的技术小批量地整合为大公司。我们现在已经扩大了我们的运营范围,并会借此机会与您分享。我们面向消费者和小型企业,创造产品,让您体验 WOW-ness,同时享受娱乐。

Mantiz Ⅱ代 显卡扩展坞 上机体验 视频引自:@科技小辛

Mantiz Ⅱ代 支持

  • 仅支持Windows10和MacOS 10.13.6 以上的操作系统。